Why Serviced Apartments in Melbourne are a Great Choice for Travellers

There are many reasons why you might be on the lookout for long stay self contained accommodation in Melbourne. Many people travel to Melbourne for extended stays or move there for study or work reasons. Additionally, many people choose to move there for a year or two to simply experience the culture and atmosphere. There are many different types of accommodation available when travelling to Melbourne, meaning a hotel isn’t your only option. Hotels can be expensive for long term stays, especially when you’re travelling in a group. Additionally, the constant coming and going of other guests can become frustrating when you’re staying in a hotel for an extended period. Fortunately, serviced apartments offer an affordable alternative to hotels. Continue reading to learn why they’re such a good choice for Melbourne stays.

Well Maintained

Serviced apartments offer the ease of staying in accommodation that’s well maintained by the staff of your long stay self contained accommodation in Melbourne. Your room will be cleaned regularly, but if you prefer to clean your room yourself, you can choose to decline service from the apartment staff.

Feels More Like Home

Serviced apartments typically feel more homely than traditional hotels. They often come with an in-apartment refrigerator and cooking facilities, including a stove and oven, allowing you to cook up a decent meal rather than relying on a microwave meal or being forced to dine out on a daily basis. Having a refrigerator and a stove really gives you the feeling of being at home rather than simply staying in a hotel.

Opportunity to Meet People

For people staying in Melbourne long-term, serviced apartments provide a great opportunity to meet people. Due to the fact that most people are staying there for an extended period, you’ll be able to get to know your neighbours and even do tourist activities together. This is a fantastic way to develop friendships that can last a lifetime. It can be especially beneficial for people who are travelling alone and don’t know anyone in the Melbourne area.

In addition, serviced apartments offer an excellent way to meet locals that can provide you with recommendations. This can help you to see the real Melbourne, allowing you to experience the city beyond visiting the usual tourist destination.

How to Find the Best Serviced Apartments

The best way to find long stay self contained accommodation in Melbourne is by doing plenty of research – and thanks to the internet, there are more ways than ever to do this. Many popular websites offer numerous photos and even videos that give you a look at what the rooms are like, what the premises look like, and where the location is. You can also research things such as what attractions and restaurants are located nearby. Additionally, these websites also offer reviews that allow you to learn of what real people thought of the apartments during their own stays. These reviews are crucial when deciding where to book your long-term stay.

Ultimately, a long-term serviced apartment is a great alternative to traditional hotels and can be extremely beneficial for people travelling to Melbourne for an extended period of time.