Reasons Why You Should Never Home School Your Children

Home School

If the thought of home schooling your child ever crossed your mind, hold that thought right there and consider these options first:

Your Kids May Never Learn How to Socialize

Being book smart is one thing but people skills come from trial and error. You can never ‘learn’ to socialize. The upcoming job market shows an increase in job openings for IT related fields as most humans are being replaced with machines, but one thing that can never be replaced is people skills. A machine will never be able to convince, comfort or listen to a person. The jobs that require these skills could definitely be your child’s strength. Unless you home school them, in which case socializing would be an alien topic to them. They would never be able to understand or identify different people.

Your Child May Feel Lonely

One thing about school is that, even if you don’t remember whatever was taught during the day, you’re not alone in that situation because you have friends! Friends are important in life, even the bad ones as they teach you important lessons about life. Being lonely may lead to illnesses such as depression or anxiety ruining your baby’s childhood and affecting their future. They need people whom they can be comfortable with. Another problem is that, if they never meet friends physically, they might turn to other options such as social media. This will be a huge problem since schooling children are found guilty of this addiction even though they spend most of their time in school and after-school activities. So, you can imagine how much time a child at home would spend on their computer.

They Will Become Lazy

If you read news online or check out blogs you will see achievements and activities hosted by a myriad of Darwin australia schools. These activities develop your child’s mentality, personality and also their body. Lack of exercise or sports will make your child very lazy which will be quite a big problem in their future. It slows down development and may lead to obesity and other diseases. The little one will have less drive and competitiveness, making them too naïve as they grow. They will learn to procrastinate more than they would learn to hustle. They might even sit around all day doing nothing. 

There Is No Challenge

One thing that really got me to study is to surpass the person that my mother always compares me with. The challenge kept my engine fired. It was exciting and the happiness I felt when I finally did is incomparable to anything I could achieve at that age. The takeaway lesson is that children tend to show more interest in studying and try harder if they have a set goal. If that set goal is the marks of the smartest child in the class, or maybe someone they think of as their competition, nothing will come between them and their price as they know the highest marks will always get appraised in front of the whole classroom- which is more important than a Grammy award!

These are only a few reasons, but more research will prove to you that a school is always the way to go.