PCI Devices for Computer

As part of this article, we will address the most common by far PCI-devices. Although this standard is gradually receding into the past, all the same, it will be relevant for a long time yet. It essentially can be considered the ancestor of most modern USB and PCI Express ribbon interface, which came to replace him.

To display a graphic image used PCI debug card. At the time, it is possible to significantly increase the performance of computer systems and the full potential of processors 80486 and the first “Pentium”. But time does not stand still. That’s when it became a revolutionary solution to date has expired, both morally and physically. Until 1997, these graphics cards have been unparalleled. Therefore, they can be found on every personal computer. It was only with the advent of the AGP slot on the motherboard such adapters have given way to the new graphics solutions palm performance. Now PCI-card is a rarity. It can be found only on very old PCs. We can say that it is an anachronism. Their performance is sufficient only for the simplest tasks – typing, working with a word processor, and view pictures. But with more complex applications necessarily have a problem, and in this case, it is better not to start. You can get this computer component or other devices, for example, a 5V computer fan from Banggood for good prices.

Optical audio sound card – this is also one of the varieties of PCI-devices. What is it? The answer to this question is quite simple. Until 1997 motherboards did not have an integrated sound card. Therefore, for the organization of the speaker system is used such devices. On the one hand, such a fee was equipped with the “classic” connector to be installed in an expansion slot. Interface panel displays it on the back of the system unit. For fixing in the computer used by one bolt, the sound quality is of their poor. Still, it was a breakthrough that should not be underestimated. That allowed the installation of such devices before any computer to turn into a real multimedia center. Could such a computer and listen to music, and watch a movie, and the gameplay.

Another important type of device for the tire is this tuner. This PCI-controller allows you to watch TV and listen to the radio. To ensure the efficiency of such a board it should be mandatory to connect an external antenna. Otherwise, the received signal quality is far from ideal. In addition, complete with a tuner on a mandatory basis was remote bullets. This allows you to turn your computer into a real TV. Greater dissemination of this practice has not received, but still, there were times when it was not done without this know-how. For example, a busy man this solution allowed to stay abreast of developments.