3 Disadvantages Faced While Using ISDN Phone Systems

If you are looking to go into some type of business that you have never invested in before, you need to research it properly before investing in it. Make sure you have all the merits and disadvantages of the trade before deciding on investing, this way you will end up making a sound decision that you will not regret.

Knowledge and wisdom are two very important aspects that a business owner should adopt if they want their business to prosper. Out in the market, you are going to come across hundreds if not thousands of people trying to sell you ideas and tools for business. You need to be able to tell which one can be of good use and which one not to buy. For example, if someone is selling you the ISDN phone system services and you have no idea what it is. You need to first take some time to do your own research and confirm what you have been told. A salesperson can say anything just to get you to open your wallet; therefore, you need to understand the product yourself before investing in it. If you are looking to invest in this system and you have no idea what to make of it, here are some pointers to help you know what you will be facing:

  • Expensive to Install

When you are looking to investing in the ISDN phone system, you should first ensure that you have a busy business brewing. The costs of the lines used for this system are double the price of the plain old telephones. When it comes to making single calls, you will be spending more money for no apparent reason, at least use the system for simultaneous two or more calls to cover the cost spent on the purchase and the installation of the lines. The labor that comes with the installation and upgrading of the lines can also cost you a significant amount of money too.

  • Availability and Poor Connections

Upgrading your system means that you are trying to improve its accessibility and even the performance from a previous one that is not performing as you might like based on how your business is. The ISDN phone system works great in areas that are close to the local phone exchange in your area. If you happen to be living more than five kilometers away, the system is not to work for you –this is a problem that affects about ten percent of the users. The lines need to be rid of the loading coils and you might need to install a network termination unit on end as the user. This lack of availability is due to how expensive it is, to have the telephone exchange upgraded in order to support the use of the integrated service digital network.

  • Supplementary Services

These supplementary services include things such as caller ID, ring back services, and advice on the charges. They work great on the ISDN phone system than on the plain old telephone systems of the past. However, unlike the plain old telephone systems, you will need to part with some charges even for these supplementary charges that you will incur whenever someone tries to reach you and you are not anywhere nearby.

Integrated service digital network systems are a step up from the plain old telephone systems of the past. The ISDN phone system has better features and convenience for any jobs that you may bring its way, just make sure you are in place where you can access the services without any hindrances first before you have it installed.