Things you can do by Yourself when it Comes to Maintaining Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance should be something that every car owner has some knowledge of. It sometimes can be expensive to always rely on a car mechanic to get the little repairs done and if you are on a budget, learning some of the things by your own will help you in the long run. This is why; we came up with some of these easy DIY car maintenance tips. Plus, you will be able to do them any time of the day without hassle. The more you can focus on keeping it goo, the more you will benefit from your vehicle as well.

Changing air filters

You will need an air filter for your car every 12 months. But it depends on different reasons. It is best if you can often check whether it needs replacement and when it does, you can do it by yourself. But if you are not willing to try it then, all you need is to give your car to a mechanic and pay extra money for the fixing. But if you do it at home it will not take so long and you can save some money too. Check the car manual to exactly locate your air filter and how it is possession. Then insert the new one and close the metal clips. Tada!

Changing windshield wipers

Not as hard as you think and you don’t want to go through any extra costs for fixing by your mechanic. Normally you will need to replace them every six months. But it will depend on the way you use. But when it can really be hard to use and starts to make scraps of the glass, it is time you change them. Lift the blades and remove the old ones. You can even check for the manual for more guidelines. Attach the new blades and make they are all fit and tight. It needs to be secure enough.

Checking and changing the oil

whether you are using synthetic oil or mineral oil like Penrite oil, all you need is to put in the clean dipstick and check the oil level. Whether the level is too high or too low, it can affect the performance of your vehicle. Then changing the old is also an easy task you can do from home. Wait until the engine is cool to get started. Once it is all set, locate the oil pan from the manual. Use the drain plug to drain all the old oil and replace the plug.

Then remove the oil filter. Lubricate the rubber gasket of the new and fill it with some new oil. Then fix it in the same place. Now start filling your engine with the oil and check with the dipstick whether you have filled enough.

Blew a fuse?

If your headlights suddenly go out then, your fuse has gone too. All you need is some spare fuses. Once you have located your fuse box and take it out to check which one has blown out. Then replace it with a new one.