Keep your PC in Top Shape!

It’s Spring cleaning time for your PC! Now, refresh your memory – How long has it been since you cleaned your PC and its parts? Deleted old files from your pc? If you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to give your PC a little break and clean it

No worries, not too many people have time set aside to clean their computer, but they do find time to notice their PC is slowing down. Regularly cleaning your computer and it’s parts, especially in a restaurant environment, can keep your system running smoothly and help you determine which files are still important from the ones that needed to be disposed of. This can also get your restaurant Point of Sale system up and working the way it’s supposed to be.

Follow this few simple tips for your spring cleaning:

1. Begin with your mouse. It’s not that big of a deal, but your mouse could hold lots of harmful bacteria that may cause illness. Use a proper amount of cleaning solution on a lint-free cloth to clean the mouse every now and then. If you or other users have been sick, you may want to do this more often..

2. Clean your keyboard. Keyboards collect a lot of extras from you – little crumbs of food, dust from papers or folders scattered across the desk, and sometimes even dirty unwashed hands on the keyboard. Cleaning the keyboard is easy, first, you need to turn off your PC, unplug all wires and take your keyboard to a trash can. Turn it upside down, so it won’t fall to the ground, and lightly shake it or use compressed air to remove any dirt or deposits hiding between the keys.

After getting rid of the debris from around the keys, use cotton {swabs|buds} with a small amount of cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol to clean in between the keys. Next, use a lint-free cloth with a little bit of cleaning solution to wipe the tops of all the keys. Finish up by wiping the entire keyboard with a dry cloth.

3. Cleaning your PC. This is the actual computer component that your monitor, keyboard and mouse plug in to is either a tower or desktop unit, also called the CPU. These units can surprisingly collect a huge amount of dirt, especially if they are placed on the floor. Have you baffled after seeing what’s under your computer tower? If so, then you seriously need a spring cleaning time!

Using the same cloth and cleaning solution you used for your mouse and keyboard, wipe down the outside vents and around the connections. You have to make sure you get as much dirt as you can out of the vents. The more dust is in there, the more {your computer is going to overheat.}

4. Dumping old files. Don’t remember how long has it been since you emptied the recycle bin? The recycle bin is where all your deleted files are dumped before they are permanently removed from your computers hard drive. To permanently remove all deleted files from the recycle bin, simply right click on the “trashcan” icon and select “Empty Recycle Bin”, then choose yes among the “yes or no” options. This will remove all your recycle bin’s content giving more free space on your hard drive.

5. The cache. Another disk space hog can be temporary internet files that have never been deleted. To delete temporary internet files within Microsoft Internet Explorer, open your browser, click on Tools -> Internet Options. You will find the button labelled “Delete…” under the Browsing History section. Click Delete and you will have a number of choices – Temporary Inter Files, Cookies, History, Form data and Passwords.

Below is a brief description of the choices under the Browsing History section:

Temporary Internet Files

Deleting the temporary internet files will remove copies of web pages, images and media that are saved on your computer for {faster|quick} viewing.


Deleting the cookies will remove the files stored on your PC by websites to save preferences such as login information.


This will permanently remove all websites you have visited.

Form Data

This will delete any saved information that you have typed into forms.


This will delete any passwords that are automatically filled in when you log on to a website you’ve previously visited.

There’s also the Delete button that can clear all info of the choices above.

This should help to start the spring with a clean, healthy PC! regularly, especially if your computer is placed in an environment, like a restaurant kitchen, where dirt and spills are common.